who are we?

seed’s vision is for you to be healthier than you were yesterday 

seed started when I was pregnant for the first time and my fiance was training for kitesurfing season, and we both wanted to get as healthy as possible. However because we, like everyone else, have such a hectic lifestyle, we found it hard to get our 5+ a day in.

So taking a supplement pill seemed like the answer. However recent studies have shown the body doesn’t absorb vitamin and mineral pills effectively - the body has developed to extract its nutrients and vitamins from the original food source

So taking a whole food powder seemed like the answer. But I got tired of picking up products with 100+ unrecognisable ingredients, which looked more like a shampoo back label than a health product.

So after a quick bit of research, it was clear that only freeze dried powders offer the original nutrients, whereas heat dried powders strip the nutrients and vitamins.from the ingredients. 

Oddly, there were practically no freeze dried super green powders available.

So I set out to create my own.

Using trusted suppliers and nutritionists, I set out to make seed to support Kiwis in 3 focus areas that promote a healthy life;  Immunity and Anti-oxidant, Natural Energy, and Skin, Hair and Nails.

seed uses 100% natural ingredients, most of which you would recognise in any fridge or kitchen cupboard. Plus we worked hard to find “x factor” ingredients that are unique to seed and are immensely beneficial.

seed is the perfect representation of the change we want to make in people’s lives – by starting this small daily habit you are planting a seed that will continue to grow, and you’ll see the fruits of your efforts.

Remember that life should be enjoyed every day - be happy and live healthier than you did yesterday

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