What does freeze-dried mean?

seed goes the extra mile and chooses to freeze-dry its raw ingredients instead of using the more commonly, cheaper heat-drying process. click here for more information 


Are you organic? 

all of our ingredients are organic. 

however becoming CERTIFIED ORGANIC take some time, which we are still working through 


Is seed OK for kids?

75% of kids don't get their 5+ a day. seed is a fantastic way to give your kids 3 vegetables in one delicious drink. 

Immunity & Anti-Oxidant and Skin, Hair & Nails are both great for kids! they are packed full of all those veges and superfoods that are great for your kids, but your kids might not agree at dinner time! seed is effectively whole foods, with the moisture removed so it has all the nutrients and vitamins of those veges.

seed tastes great and can be mixed with practically any drink or food, so there are plenty of creative ways to give them a daily health boost!

however we do not recommend Natural Energy for kids however. this is because it contains caffeine from the Matcha Green Tea. 


How is seed different to other green powders?

the key difference of seed is we freeze dry our ingredients while most others heat dry. click here for more information


You’ve got 10-15 ingredients whereas the other guys have 100+?

at seed we believe in quality of ingredients over quantity, and we prefer our labels to look like your normal shopping list, instead the back of a shampoo bottle.

our ingredients were specifically chosen as the most effective ones for each variant. we worked with a panel of nutritionists to agree on this final list over a lot of time, coffees and green teas


Why should I take seed instead of a supplement pill?

recent studies have shown that the body doesn’t recognise or process vitamin supplements capsules. the human body has for the last 100,000 years, and always will, get its vitamins and nutrients from whole foods. seed is dehydrated whole foods so the body would recognise it and process it the same way  


I’m gluten, nut, dairy, soy, corn and eggs intolerant as well as a vegan (restaurants are hard for me). Is seed OK?

Yes! seed doesn’t contain any of those ingredients and is great for vegans


Do I have to mix with liquid or can I use with food?

using seed with food is a great way to sneak in those extra servings of vegetables every day, without that extra effort or chopping or grating the real things! however we don’t recommend heating the powder as it would burn away those precious nutrients that freeze drying protected


what is the correct serving size? 

10g is the correct serving size to ensure you get an active ingredient amount of what we've promised. this is the equivalent of 2 x heaped teaspoons, or two of the white scoops that come with the bamboo jars


Is it safe to take seed while pregnant? 

The ingredients in Skin, Hair & Nails is safe to take while pregnant. However because every person is different, please consult with your doctor to double check

Natural Energy contains Rhodiola Rosea and Siberian Ginseng which are both fantastic herbs but unfortunately no reliable studies have been done for pregnant & breastfeeding, so avoidance is recommended. 

Immunity & Anti-Oxidant contains Turmeric which should be avoided 


Is it safe to take seed while breastfeeding? 

the ingredients in Immunity & Anti-Oxidant are safe to use while breastfeeding. However because every person is different, please consult with your doctor to double check

Natural Energy contains Rhodiola Rosea and Siberian Ginseng which are both fantastic herbs but unfortunately no reliable studies have been done for pregnant & breastfeeding, so avoidance is recommended. 

Skin, Hair & Nails contains Dandelion root which is generally considered safe and healthy. But because there's no conclusive research into side effects while breastfeeding, either consult with your doctor, or avoid to be safe


What are your jars made of?

they are bespoke bamboo jars from a small supplier we stumbled upon when travelling overseas. these jars have been designed to sit proudly on your bench top instead of hidden away. the lining of the jars are a strong plastic to ensure they are airtight.

because of their value, they should be reused and not thrown away – please order the refills to fill these up.


Why are there two types of packaging? Are these different in any way?

we have two types of packaging – bamboo jars and biodegradable refill bags.

the idea is that for your first purchase you would order the bamboo jars, and then order the refills for subsequent order.

the bamboo jars are high in value, but we are willing to effectively give them away for free on that first order as our aim is to not create any landfill waste. so you would keep the bamboo jars, order the biodegradable refills to fill up the jar again, and there would be no extra waste if the refills are put in the compost.


How is seed eco-friendly?

the packaging was chosen to minimise landfill waste as much as possible. so all the packaging is either re-usable, biodegradable or at the very least recyclable. click here for more information


How does the risk free trial work? 

if seed doesn’t meet the expectation of the user, seed will ask for the product back and refund the money. it is the user’s responsibility to send the product back so evaluation can be done.

seed will pay the user for the cost incurred to return postage of product. this additional cost will be added to the refund of the total amount (e.g. if the postage is $5 and the refund amount is $79, the user will be given a $84 refund once the returned product is received)

if user agrees to a replacement of product, postage to send out new refill will be seed’s expense



How can I amend or change my subscription?

you can update all of your subscription details by clicking here.this includes pausing, cancelling or changing any personal details.


Can I order a different flavour variant from my original choice?

yes of course, we encourage you to try them all! please log in to your account to manage your subscriptions by clicking here 


or if that’s too hard, just email hello@seedsupergreens.co.nz to update your preferences


Postage cost?

the buyer will need to pay for the postage for every delivery. we negotiated hard with the different posties to ensure you are getting the cheapest postage possible. it got our stamp of approval (postie joke)


What happens if I move?

you can update all of your personal details by clicking here 

or if that doesn’t work for whatever reason, please email us on hello@seedsupergreens.co.nz


Some of your packaging says unlimited subscription but I can’t find that option?

good eyes, those carrots in seed are obviously doing the trick. the unlimited subscription offer is no longer valid as we have updated it and made it simpler by offering a monthly subscription with a discount instead.